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Tips to prepare for a date with a stranger during COVID-19

The COVID-19 has gone change the way we do things a lot in the year 2020 and has brought up a lot of new normal. Whenever you want to do anything in 2020, especially when it is supposed to involve more than one person, you put the COVID-19 into consideration before you finally decide what will be the best way to approach it. If it is not too important, you could even decide to postpone or cancel it. The same applies to going on a date, especially with a stranger. You would want to be sure that you are not putting yourself at risk. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a date with a stranger during COVID-19.

Covid-19 Tests

One of the things you should do when you want to go on a date with a stranger is to go for COVID-19 tests. You should also encourage the stranger to go for a test too. If the result is negative for both of you, then you could continue with plans for the date. However, if at least one of you tests positive, then you will have to postpone plans for the date for the person who tested positive to quarantine till they test negative. After they have been confirmed to be negative, then a new date for the date can be fixed. You should make sure that your date does not put at least one of you at risk of contracting the virus either from yourselves or from other people. It should also not put other people at risk. Hence, you can’t continue on plans if both of you test positive, since it will look like both of you are already positive, so there is no scenario of one person being scared of getting infected by the other person. With COVID-19, it is important to consider the safety of other people as much as you consider your safety. If you are positive, quarantine till you test negative, then dating plans can continue.

washing your hands

CDC guidelines

On the day of the date, both couples need to adhere to the rules of the CDC in line with protecting themselves from the virus. The major guideline by the CDC is to avoid public places and observe social distancing as much as possible. If the date wasn’t with a stranger, we would have advised that the dating be carried out at home as opposed to a public space. If you decide to go to the house of a stranger for a date, be sure that at least one member of your family and a friend knows where you are headed and who you are going to meet. However, it might not be too ideal to bring a stranger home. Hence, you should take advantage of the other CDC guidelines. These include putting on face masks always, washing your hands as frequently as possible with running water and soap, or regular use of hand sanitizers as well as observing social distance.

Read reviews

Reading reviews is also a great way to get to know how to prepare for a date with a stranger. When you read from the right sections such as gift stores and restaurants, you will be able to read about people who went on a date with a stranger and what they did, did not do as well as the results of their actions. With this, you will be able to know other things you should take along to the date and things you should do during the date and after. Those that had the date during the year 2020 will also be able to give you some tips on how they did their date during the COVID-19. One of the best platforms to read reviews to get information about preparing for a date with a stranger during COVID-19 is

Dress well

Dressing one is also important when you are going on a date with a stranger. You should dress well because you will look your best. You will also not be scared of wardrobe malfunctions or other issues with the clothes that you are putting on. The cloth you are putting on will also contribute significantly to your appearance and it could make the other person finally be happy that what they saw in the pictures are what they are also seeing physically and they will be impressed. With this, it would be easier for them to want to take the relationship to the next level. As a lady, you are also expected to choose your underwear rightly, even if it is just a first date with a stranger and there are no chances of anything romantic happening. However, it will be even more important if there is already an agreement or a high possibility that things will end up in a room. Irrespective of whether things will end up in a room or not, you should go to your date with nice, clean, and comfortable underwear. You should see Negative Underwear reviews to know the type of products they sell and if you can get the right underwear for you in their store.

Get to know each other

During the date, both of you should get to know each other more. Both of you should introduce yourselves and make sure that based on what you discuss, by the end of the date, you should have made a key decision. The decision will border around if both of you will get closer or if both of you will decide that you are not compatible and hence, stop the relationship or agree to become just friends.

Be careful

When you go on a date with a stranger during the COVID-19, you should be careful. By being careful, there will be little to no chance of catching the virus. Try to avoid touching surfaces as much as possible, as they could be infected. Limit the things you touch to only what you need to and not just trying to touch everywhere. Many people might have also had to touch those surfaces, with some of them dropping the virus on the surfaces.

Virtual dates

You can also explore virtual dates, where you can do a video call on platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Zoom among others. You could order food that will be delivered to both of you at your locations. You can subsequently go on with your date with each individual well dressed and seated as though you are in a traditional restaurant setting. You can also use larger screens like your television to have a bigger picture and a scene closer to real compared to when you are using your phone.